Salesforce Sales Operations Professional Certificate

Learn the foundational skills in Salesforce to prepare for entry-level sales roles, including the Salesforce sales operations analyst. This certificate is designed for beginners. No previous experience in Salesforce, sales or CRM is necessary to enroll.

Gain hands-on experience in Salesforce to solve real world business problems for a fictional social media company. build a portfolio highlighting use cases to leverage tools in the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to make the work of a sales team more efficient and effective during the sales process.

Build Reports

Use reports, charts, and dashboards in Salesforce to communicate information about sales performance to stakeholders and executives


Explain how the CRM works in the context of sales, marketing and customer service

Salesforce Lightning

Use Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning to manage accounts, opportunities, products, quotes and contracts

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Salesforce Sales Operations Training

100% Online

Learn on your own schedule

Flexible Schedule

Set and maintain flexible deadlines

Entry Level

No previous experience required

6-Months to Complete

Suggested pace of 10 hours/week; 4 Courses

Salesforce Sales Operations Professional Certificate Courses

Sales and CRM Overview

This course provides the foundation you will need:

  • Fundamentals of the sales process.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and their uses.
  • Salesforce’s main products and their use cases.
  • A working knowledge of the key functionalities of the Salesforce Sales Cloud that help support a business’s growth.

Lead Management in Salesforce

This course will give you a foundational understanding of how to help sales and marketing teams optimize the lead management process.

By the end of this course, you will learn:

  • How a sales operations specialist supports a marketing associate and sales development representative to make the lead management more effective and efficient.
  • The basics of data management.
  • To upload lead data into Salesforce.
  • To effectively train team members to manage leads using the different tools available in the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Opportunity Management in Salesforce

Gain the skills to help sales teams optimize the opportunity management process. Specifically, this course shows how a sales operations specialist would support account executives and empower them to progress opportunities through a sales pipeline and close sales deals as effectively and efficiently as possible. This will require the use of new tools in Salesforce, including products, price books, quotes, contracts, and orders.

Reports, Dashboards and Customer Success in Salesforce

In this course, you will learn how a sales operations specialist uses Salesforce Service Cloud to support a variety of different customer service needs.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Learn the basics of effective customer support.
  • Leverage a variety of new tools available in the Salesforce Service Cloud to effectively manage customer relationships.
  • Learn how a sales ops specialist uses Salesforce reports and dashboards to support a variety of needs.
  • Learn to use filters to produce custom reports in Salesforce.
  • Discover how to visualize data effectively using charts and dashboards.

Skills you will gain: